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Hiluckey Solar Lights:
Absorbing solar energy during the day and automatically illuminating at night. Do not worry about lighting even during the blackout, Hiluckey solar lights provide you with a Low-carbon life.

Have you ever had such experiences?

Late at night, when you go home alone and walk from the garden to the gate, there is still a long way to go. The lights from the street light follows behind you and casts a shadow in front of you, will you feel a little lonely at such moment? If at this time, a warm light shines in front of you, your loneliness will be dispersed.

After a busy day, you go home, two hands full of luggage, you want to turn on the lights, but neither of your hands is empty.

With Hiluckey motion sensor lights and your life will be warmer and brighter.

Why choosing Hiluckey solar lights ?
【Compared with other solar Lights, our products have significant advantages】
Separable solar panel for optimum sun exposure. The solar panel can be slid off the top of the light, you can install the light indoors and the solar panel outdoors, do not worry about there is no sunlight where the light body is installed.

Easy installation method:

  1. Use a tool to drill 2 holes (distance between the holes:2 inches) in the wall (optimum height: 6.5-13ft).
  2. Insert the supplied expansion pillar-hinge into the hole.
  3. Mount the device on the wall with the supplied screws.

Number of LED Lights: 10
LED Light: 2.0W
Solar Panel: 0.55W, 17% efficiency
LI-ion Battery: 3.7V 1200mAh
Material: ABS
Sensing Angle: 120°
Sensing Distance: 10-15ft/3-5M
Delay Time: 30s
Size: 95x124x48mm/3.7x5.5x1.9in

Package Contents:
1 x Solar Light
2 x Expansion pillar-hinges
2 x Screws
2 x sticker
1 x 8 feet (245 cm) Extended line Cable
1 x User Manual

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