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Instagram may let you ask questions in Stories

You can already run polls in your Instagram Stories, but what if you'd like your feedback to be a little more verbose? You might get that wish. A tipster for Android Police has shared what looks to be a test for a questions feature in Stories -- add it to your creation and your friends can type their own answers, which you'll see listed by user. We've asked Instagram if it can confirm details, but the rollout doesn't appear to be too region-specific. You're looking at an Indonesian user's screen above, while Italians have also reported seeing the option. It wouldn't be surprising if the feature rolls out soon. Instagram has been on a tear lately, introducing everything from IGTV to group video chat and Story soundtracks. This might be one of the...

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OnePlus 6 now comes in red

Earlier this year, the OnePlus 6 was described as a "big step closer to the perfect smartphone," even if it was missing wireless charging and a microSD slot. Perhaps the company can make up for those missing features by offering the handset in an even nicer finish than the one before. Say hello to the OnePlus 6 Red. As the name implies, the OnePlus 6 Red is the same handset that came out earlier this year, albeit with a new finish. CEO Pete Lau announced the device on the OnePlus forum, saying that the style exudes "enthusiasm and personality" as well as "inner confidence and courage." Lau also said that the handset required the use of a new film coating process that has...

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How to Select GaN Products for High Power Applications

Wide Bandgap – The material of the future? Managing and using power efficiently is one of the challenges of modern times. Power is a common theme in almost every electronic design and is becoming increasingly common in vehicles, to store the incredible amount of data we produce, harvesting energy from nature and also in every small portable device we use to help us manage our busy daily lives. At the heart of any power solution is a semiconductor switching device. Conventionally, these have been made from silicon, yet these have reached a point where further efficiency gains are unlikely and other materials are being explored. So-called wide bandgap (WBG) materials are emerging that can increase the efficiency of DC/DC converters...

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