Mr. Eric is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Hiluckey. In his role, Eric leads the company’s growth strategy and is responsible for guiding its ongoing business evolution.

Mr. Eric was inspired by power bank and solar panels during a hiking trip with his friends. He found out the advantages of both, which inspired him to research an efficient and safe solar power bank. And created the brand - Hiluckey: high technology is the key to a lucky future.

With over twenty years of experience, Mr. Eric has served in a variety of leadership roles and has been instrumental in spearheading new business initiatives, strategic planning, digitization of human resources management, as well as the company’s diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) strategy. After establishing Hiluckey in 2017, he has focused on the research and development of solar products, continued technological innovation, led the team to break through technical difficulties, and won awards in professional fields. So far, Hiluckey products are sold all over the world, with annual sales of 100 million power banks.

Today is where the future becomes reality, and that’s why we believe that every “today” should be extraordinary. People-centric design and an obsession with details are at the core of what we do at Hiluckey. We empower people to get more life out of every single day with our products of solar power banks.

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"Technology advancement, a step ahead. "

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